TAB THE WRITER: Tyler Austin Bradley

An Omnibus OF Rarefied Menageries

Casey V Westbrook

“I am los­ing pre­cious days. I am degen­er­at­ing into a machine for mak­ing money.
I am learn­ing noth­ing in this triv­ial world of men. I must break away and get out into the moun­tains to learn the news.”

—   John Muir

Death From Above 1979, “Trainwreck 1979”

All rights with the artists.

Lots of film noir elements in this amazing animated video by Ataboy Studios. Created for Peach Kings’ tune, “Mojo Thunder,” it’s full of grit, black, white and grey.

All rights with the artists

An abandoned, flooded mall in Thailand has been stocked with fish by local residents; originally intended to consume and prevent mosquito larvae from hatching, it has since become quite an attraction.

I was taking down a hazard tree at Thin Air yesterday when some movement below the bar on my chainsaw caught my eye.

This little brown bat came out of the vertical crack in the bark below my fallers notch. Shaking like a leaf, I was worried I’d blown out his sensitive little eardrums- They may be close to blind, but bat ears are amazing. And chainsaws are loud.

I blew the sawdust off my nocturnal pal and transferred him to a piece of wood, let his ears stop ringing and whistled a tune. His ears perked, and in the bottom pic you can see he did some screeching in reply.

I set this piece of wood on a stump full of holes, went and tuned up my saw, then returned to find that he had made it into one of the cavities in the stump.

Fell the tree and opted not to top it any closer to the ground lest the bat have little batlets to go back and tend to come nightfall.

Even after the ravens blew town, this bald eagle wasn’t being chased off his garbage pile.

McKelvey Creek Landfill.

New Denver Glacier across Slocan Lake, Slocan Valley, West Kootenays, BC Canada.
The only bear inside the fence-line this year.
McKelvey Creek Landfill.
Rainbow and sunset photos rarely turn out. 
But I tried.
Nelson, BC, outside Boomtown Emporium.