TAB THE WRITER: Tyler Austin Bradley

An Omnibus OF Rarefied Menageries

Earl Grey Pass Trail, Purcell Wilderness, BC

McKelvey Creek Landfill, demolition wood pile.

Steve Cutts, “Everything Wrong With Humanity In One Video.”

Terrific animated video for Rich Aucoin’s “Yelling In Sleep.”

All rights with the artists

This also came into the Reuse Centre.
This came into the landfill the other day.
art by Katie Rose Pipkin
Handful of huckleberries

Before, during, and after.

The Igloo, Plewman Basin, Rossland Range.

Welsh entrant Simon O’Rourke, chainsaw comp in Eau Claire, WI.
No, the man in the bear is not Nic Cage from Wicker Man