TAB THE WRITER: Tyler Austin Bradley

An Omnibus OF Rarefied Menageries

Puttin’ up the solar mast, Sept 7th at Valhalla Lodge
LZ, Valhalla Lodge, Sept 4th
Tucker, tuckered out on the floor at Carlyle Lodge
Unfair advantage. 
This log didn’t have a chance.
L-R, Bomber, me, Lorne
Valhalla Lodge, Sept 5th
Down the talus switch-backs, Mt. Carlyle Lodge tenure, British Columbia back-country, West Kootenay region, Canada.
Brian “Bomber” Cross’s mom.
This pic hangs in the lodge kitchen. Awesome!

An abandoned trapper’s cabin we found on the hike out from Carlyle.

Troll Trees, Mt. Carlyle Lodge tenure. 
Alpine Larch is the bomb.
That’s the moon up there.
Mt. Carlyle Lodge, out-trail.
Main, Mount Carlyle Lodge.
Out of the mountains again, just for a bit.
Mt. Carlyle Lodge tenure, BC, Canada.

Valhalla Lodge, McKeon Lakes zone, British Columbia, Canada.